5 Cheese Pairings I Love Which Connoisseurs Frown Upon

Note – This article was written before I went dairy-free.

I mostly eat cheese on its own. Great big giant portions of it. If I had some sense, I would use cheese pairings so I  may be able to control my cheese obsession.

Nevertheless, I am not sensible. I don’t drink alcohol, and so all my pairings are food based. The usual pairings that come about, such as olives, chutneys, cucumber, deli meat, salmon and so on.

However, there are a few choices which may not seem conventional. Here are five of these weird pairings that I often devour with cheese.


Now I thought cheese with chocolate was a sensible and lovely pairing. The smell and intense flavours of an extra mature cheddar paired with 100% dark chocolate are one of my top choices.

However, I found out a few months ago from several different groups of people that cheese and chocolate are not a match made in heaven like I seemed to have thought.

Digging a little deeper and there is a love-it/hate-it with this pairing from what I can see online, so at least I am not entirely crazy. I think only the darkest of chocolates would work though since the sharp bitterness of 100% chocolate plays well with the robust nature of a 24-month cheddar.

Nut Butters

This choice is one that gives me dirty looks from my partner. So what, it makes me happy.

The almond variety is my go-to choice for nut butter. It’s enjoyed either spread on slices of cheddar or mixed with cream cheese.


Personally, I think grated cheddar or parmesan in mashed avocado is a tasty side dish. Would like to think many would agree.

However, is sliced avocado on a cheese board a good choice?


If almond butter did not turn your head, then I am guessing it will when you see me pair cheese with butter.

Not just any old butter, it has to be a quality butter such as creamy goats butter or grass-fed cows butter.

This choice is not about the taste or experience. Being on the Ketogenic diet, I need to eat high levels of fats and ensure I don’t go overboard with protein. Sadly, cheese is high in protein. When I want to eat a lot of cheese and need to get more fat in for that day, I would need to supplement some of my cheese for some good old slices of butter.

It’s a numbers game really.

Even More Cheese

Even more cheese. The best choice. Heaven.

Baked camembert accompanied with a cheese board sounds overkill, however, dunking cheese into melted cheese is…. well it’s highly fattening but who cares if it is your cheat day?!

So. Have any weird pairings?