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Belated New Chapter

Last article I wrote on here was back in June 2018 (on the old website). Feels like forever ago with how much I have done and changed once again.

Whether or not I will continually to write is problem for another time however I felt the need to draw the line from the old and new articles.

Summarising everything; after one-to-many breakdowns, I needed a change to something similar in life. By using my knowledge of making dairy cheese, I dropped every and started selling it at farmers markets in Bristol.

Still battling an eating disorder (obese -> thin -> extremely underweight -> binge-starvation cycle), I found out that I was more likely to eat properly on a plant-based diet (I rarely ate meat previosly excluding when I went on Keto to fix the damage I did to my body during the extreme weight-loss).

That coupled with discovering I had minor reactions to eating dairy, I went completely vegan on the basis of my health at the forefront of things (for the time being).

I turned my business into a 100% vegan one with an emphasis of having next to no plastic. I began researching and using my knowledge and experience from making diary cheese to make vegan varieties using cultures I developed myself.

I now have a bunch of different products based on nuts, seeds and fermentation. My UPS is having a unique take on vegan cheeses in terms of having the right taste & hard textures that is comparable to the dairy versions using my experience (albeit, short) within the industry.

As a vegan business, I see more success then I previosuly done. While I still suffer a lot from an eating-disorder and anxiety, I do have a similiar life with a some-what healthier relationship with food.

I still starve myself or binge eat, but these are now rare occurrences.

Baby steps and all.

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