Sumear's Mega Smoked Cheese Sarnie

If I must eat bread, it will be with a purpose and be accompanied by only the best of ingredients.

You know how to build a sandwich, so just use the below and have at it ;)

  1. Bread; I used a whole grain one. Healthy, init.
  2. Olive & Sun-dried tomato paste spread on the bread (optional. Can use a tomato-style pesto instead)
  3. Food by Sumear Smoked Cheese. Cut into slices and layered in. (I used the Whisky Oak Smoked Cheese but the Maple one will just as great.)
  4. Lettuce
  5. Tomato; sliced thinly
  6. Chutney; I used @gingerbeardspreserves Moroccan Apple Chutney
  7. Mashed chickpeas (with salt, pepper, lemon, hummus. Chuck in a bowl and squish with a fork or potato masher)
  8. Hummus; I used Tesco's Organic
  9. Bread.

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