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The Right Climate for the Cheese Cave

Caves have been used to ripen cheeses due to the climate being the perfect environment to allow microbes to thrive. For our use-case, I'll be covering ideal temperature and humidity settings. There is more to your cave then these variables, but that is being saved for another article!

This article goes in a bit of detail on what you should be setting your "cave" at.

Overview of Type of Vegan Cheesemaking Techniques

Dairy-cheesemaking is pretty standardised with, as an overview, how it is developed. Any type involves the acidifying and creating curds either via an acid or using rennet.

Vegan-cheesemaking is a lawless industry where I personally don't agree with the many types of vegan "cheese" that can be considered as cheese. This opinion is based on how they have been developed and the results they provide.

Most of these variations in methods are based on how dairy proteins are compared to vegan alternatives, but also a greater understanding of what makes cheese, cheese.

This article is basically an overview of a few techniques of vegan "artisan" cheese.

The Right Packaging for Cheese (for producers)

Finding the right packaging for my range was one of the biggest problems for my business when I started.

I didn't want to bring in tons of extra plastic into the world, so the problem was only made more challenging to deal with. However, I found the solution which I hope all cheesemakers adopt.