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"Just the Cheese, pls" Christmas 2021 Box Pre-order

It's not Christmas without cheese. Pre-order your Vegan cheese asap to have it delivered in time for the festive season
Five wedges of cheeses fit for 3-5 people to scoff down.

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    Original Sharp, Maple Wood Smoked, Nuæge, Trímma, and the legend that is the Young Rockhill Cheese
    From mild to tangy. Sharp to smokey, and off to the Cheddar aged vibes.
    Creamy soft to semi-firm sliceable wedges
    10 days to 2 months
    Wine Pairing Check individual product pages
    Shelf-life Average 2-weeks minimum in the fridge
    Can be frozen Yes - no texture problems
    Packaging Home-compostable cheese film
    Delivery TBC - either December 14th, 15th, or 21st pending on DHL's limitations they place on me. You will be emailed at start of December to confirm your delivery window and you will be given tracking. I'll be here to handle any delivery problems as I can call their business support line.
  • See individual product pages for full list of ingredients. All products contain Cashew nuts as an allergen.


    • Gluten-free ingredients used however item is not gluten-free certified due to the environment. Not suitable for high-risk persons with a severe autoimmune condition.
    • Contains nuts

    Weight (approx): 650-700g


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