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Subscription to Cheese Club - GLUTEN-FREE OPTION

Want a load of vegan cheese plus a few other goodies to your door every month? Of course you do!

  • This is the way
  • What do you get?
  • How does it work?
  • When is it delivered?
  • Managing & Delaying Your Boxes
  • Allergy Warning & Expiry Dates
  • Each month, a box of specially curated cheese from the Food by Sumear range will be featured alongside handpicked food from local producers here in the Southwest or from fellow independent creators that I know & adore.

    Every month is a new experience and by subscribing, not only do you get unique boxes to you door, but you also make a few savings off RRP alongside FREE SHIPPING.

  • You will ALWAYS get 3-packs of vegan cheese at minimum. Sometimes, it will be 4, sometimes 5.

    Sometimes it could even be a special Limited Edition cheese!

    This is the gluten-free option. For the standard option, see here.

    Alongside cheese, the box will contain other food items. Could be related to cheese, OR just simply food that I just adore from small-producers I love.

    AS THIS IS THE GLUTEN-FREE OPTION, it will attempt to remove any special featured products from the STANDARD VERSION that may contain gluten such as cakes, treats, etc, where possible. Swapped products may be with items such as a chutney or other items of equal value. Note however that all products may still be produced in environments that handle gluten so approach with caution if you have a severe auto immune condition.

    Whilst each month is a secret, I'll share the contents once it is finalised, a week or so before shipping and shared via the blog, newsletter and social media.

  • Simply choose from the subscription options whether it is 1-monthly rolling-contract system at the regular price,
    you can save a bit of money by subscribing to the 4-month-pack (billed monthly) which gets further discounts off. After 4-months, you are moved over to the rolling-monthly-contract but you still retain your discount.

    Once you choose between 1-month or 4-month option, add to your cart, checkout, create an account and enter your billing details. You are billed monthly prior to shipping and notifications are sent out to keep you in a loop of payments, box contents, deliveries, etc.

    Note that if you subscribe after the 2nd week of a month, your first box will happen the following month and not the current.

  • Subscriptions are shipped on the last Tuesday of each month for DELIVERY ON WEDNESDAY.

    Est. Delivery
    Month Shipping Delivering
    June 2021 29/06 30/06
    July 2021 27/07 28/07
    Aug 2021 31/08 01/09
    Sept 2021 28/09 29/09

    Please note that these are estimates and delays may occur due to carrier hiccups or locations that may take 2 days to deliver rather that one.

    If you think it may be easier to get a box a week earlier or later, this MAY be arranged on each month's request. You may be away one week so I understand. Whilst I can't make promises, I'll do my best.

    NEW SUBSCRIBERS - Deadline to order the current months box is before the 3rd week of the current month. If you subscribe after this period, your first box will be delivered next month instead.

    Once you get a delivery, please unpack as soon as possible, place all cheese in the fridge or freezer. Review the storage instructions on any other goodies and store accordingly.

  • All of your subscriptions can be managed in your account. Log in and there will be a link to keep track of everything as well as delay the next box and cancelling. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you need help managing your subscription or if you have any questions.

    The monthly subscription is a rolling contract that can be cancelled from your account when you need to. While the discounted offer 3-month subscription turns into a rolling contract after the three months are up. You can cancel after the 3-months are up.

  • Everything in the box is vegan. Whilst Food by Sumear Vegan Cheese will always been free-from soy & peanuts, the other goodies provided may occasionally contain soy, peanuts, sesame, celery, mustard, other tree-nuts, sulphur dioxide and sulphites.

    Please read the packaging ingredients and allergy warnings before consuming.

    Food by Sumear Vegan Cheese provided will have a shelf-life of 2 weeks minimum when stored in the fridge. Other provided goods will average on 1-2 weeks pending on the product. Please read packaging for the dates and how to store them.

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