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Light Cultured Spread
Light Cultured Spread

Light Cultured Spread

Food by Sumear
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Tasting profile: Profile sharp and yoghurty sour tang.

Texture: Light, spreadable with a buttery finish. Has a cream-cheese-like texture.

Note - This is an unpasteurised raw product.

Don't forget the Oatcakes

Pairings & Uses

Eating: Spread on bagels/oatcakes, toss in pasta, dollop into grain salads. Perfect pairing with sweet sauces/chutneys.



I developed this product because of two reasons. I have eaten too much cheese so needed something that was lower in calories but still has that tangy vibe.

The other reason is the sheer laziness iI have in feeding myself evening meals. This spread is perfect as a snack on crackers/bread or just chucked into a salad. There is something so elegant about this as it melts and coats everything.


Cashew Nuts, Home-Grown Lactobacillus Cultures, Coconut Oil, Salt, Kappa Carrageenan.


  • Gluten-free ingredients used however item is not gluten-free certified
  • Contains nuts
  • Unpasteurised product. Not ideal for pregnant women, young children or the elderly.

Weight (approx): 150g