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Original Sharp Semi-Firm Cheese
Original Sharp Semi-Firm Cheese
Original Sharp Semi-Firm Cheese
Original Sharp Semi-Firm Cheese

Original Sharp Semi-Firm Cheese

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Authentically developed by an ex-dairy cheesemaker for true dairy-like flavours that are paired with great textures. Uses dairy-methods for greater flavours without any tricks.

Tasting profile: Strong sharpness & tangy profile with a subtle acidic finish

Texture: Firm and creamy.

Note – Supplied cheese is in a wedge shape. The photo on this page is of the entire cheese wheel. The base price is only for a segment of that wheel. Provided weight may be made up of several packaged wedges.

Pairings & Uses

Uses: Can be sliced, grated, and can be melted on the hob with any kind of plant milk.

Wine Pairing: Grenache wine - big, bold rich flavours that go amazingly with the sharp, acidic cheesy notes.


A young cheese with a firm, yet creamy texture. Developed over a minimum of 20 days to have a strong, sharp and tangy flavour profile with a subtle acidic finish.

This cheese is my original creation that is created using the same techniques and principles as dairy-cheese for the authenticity of flavours.

A cross between a Cheddar and Wedysdalye cheese, this vegan alternative can be sliced, grated or melted into a cheese sauce on the hob.

Based on cashew nuts & uses my inhouse made heritage of cultures and dairy cheese making techniques.


Cashew Nuts, Tapioca Starch, Home-Grown Lactobacillus Cultures, Coconut Oil, Salt, Kappa Carrageenan.


  • Gluten-free ingredients used however item is not gluten-free certified due to the environment. Not suitable for high-risk persons with a severe autoimmune condition.
  • Contains nuts

Weight (approx): 130g

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