Kelly’s By Cheesemakers of Canterbury – Cheese Tasting

Note – This article was written before I went dairy-free.

Welcome to Cheese Tasting with Sumear & Co. This segment is simply about tasting new cheeses on my tod or reluctantly with others while we share and devour a block of cheese. By no means am I or anyone I know a cheese connoisseur with a decent set of taste buds to pick up on subtle flavours, but who cares?! Anyway, enjoy 🙂

This time is another a piece of cheese I picked up from one of my favourite cheesemongers, Paxton & Whitefield. The cheese is called Kelly’s, made locally in Kent, England by the Cheesemakers of Canterbury.

Who’s With Me

Once again I am joined by my lovely partner, Lee. He is still not a cheese addict for better or worse. However, I like to think he knows the difference between the cheap, decent and quality cheese. He does prefer different cheeses, and it helps this segment as things I miss get picked upon.

Kelly’s Cheese

The Cheesemaker

The cheesemaker was established back in 2007, though the founder already had 20 years worth of experience in the profession. Based in Kent, England, they produce award-winning cheeses using locally sourced ingredients ‘boasting excellent milk, cream and butter’.

Their methods produce fine quality cheeses as they develop their products by hand using primarily unpasteurised milk sourced from multiple local farms including Ellie’s Dairy. Ellie’s produces the goats’ milk used in Kelly’s cheese where each and every bottle is hand filled. No machines in sight. The goats are well-fed in unprocessed whole foods which is the cherry on top of this great partnership.

The Cheese

Kelly’s is made using unpasteurised goats milk sourced locally.

It has been developed in a cheddar-like style which is one of my favourite types of cheeses as of late. It has a lovely crumbly texture and woody aroma to its nature that makes it a potential star in a cheeseboard selection.

Matured for three months and has a beautiful natural rind to complement (and is editable if you are into that).

The Taste

Before any cheese is tastest, it is left on the counter for a reasonable amount of time. Having the cheese come to room temperature and taste testing them on their own allows the true qualities to shine through.

I am biased when it comes to cheddar style goat’s cheese. I am not lactose intolerant however if consumed in enough volume, I do have mild reactions to cheese made from cows’ milk. This problem does not exist with goats’ milk and given my cheese of choice is cheddar, cheddar -style is my go-to option if I want to indulge.

The Kelly’s is not my favourite cheddar-style however it is up there, and Lee and I recommend this cheese.

The cheese is hard, yet has a slight crumble nature. When placed in the mouth, it has that beautiful creamy sensation. The woody farm-like aroma follows through with a gorgeous applewood like peppery taste.

Though, not powerful enough to knock your socks off, the flavour and texture is mellow and yet has a slight fresh & richness to it. A great balance of character.

If matured for a more extended period of time to allow for a stronger taste, I think this cheese would be a top contender for my choice of cheddar-style goats cheese. However, the Kelly’s Goat’s Cheese is highly recommended for a cheeseboard and would be great in sandwiches and burgers too.