The Love-Hate Relationship With Cheese

I love cheese. I don’t hate cheese. No way could that be even possible.

What I hate is what it can do to my body and mind. It’s not the cheese’s fault though; it is all self-inflicted suffering!

Ignoring that apparently, cheese is as addictive as drugs (well, not cheese in general), I am currently managing a binge eating disorder, and so when I have a small bite of cheese, I am unable to contain myself and have the need to gorge myself and eat a ton of more.

Cheese could be addictive; I don’t have this sort of issue with other types of foods.

Anyway, cheese is fattening as we know and it can cause you to gain weight which is one of my fears that I am trying to mitigate. What I try to these days is to ensure I eat sensibly throughout the week and keep cheese as a special treat. I let myself eat much more than the limiting 30g (the appalling recommending serving) as long as I eat sensibly and intuitively. Enjoy and be happy.

Things are improving in that regards. However, I do have my partner lock away the cheese in a fridge ‘safe’ to stop me from eating all the cheese when he is not looking. I know, I am terrible!

I bought a block of decent cheddar the other day. However, my partner was not in to lock the cheese away. I became hungry, and with my recent progression in health, I thought I would reward myself. Well, after my reward, I went back to eat the rest of the cheese throughout the day! All 300g of it!

Quite bad but I enjoyed myself my mental health with weight was fine despite the binge

Binge eating aside, my bugbear is not with cheese as a product, but with dairy. Cow’s dairy to be specific.

I am not intolerant however over the last few months as I have made progress in life, I noticed some foods was causing some issues with my body.

Cow’s milk cheese in large quantities was causing my face to bloat. It’s quite a setback when you have anxiety about your body image.

It’s annoying. You love cheese, but cheese does not love you. What does one do? Well, I just eat a ton of cheddar style goats cheese instead. Problem solved, for now!

That’s a short story from the life of a cheese addict. Do you have a love-hate relationship with cheese?