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How do I store my vegan cheese?

Wrap open cheese in waxed paper, baking paper or parchment paper. Place within an airtight container and place in the fridge. Use within 3-4 weeks of delivery, however, can last longer if cared for. Watch out for bad smells and remove any unwanted mould.

See, how to look after my cheese, for more information.

What cultures do you use? Are they Vegan?

The cultures are 100% vegan. A secret recipe is used to create them in my own kitchen. Nothing lab made. No chemicals used. 100% natural ingredients used.

Why does the shipping cost so much?

As a small company, shipping and packing costs are fairly high. Cheese is a temperature sensitive item so must be sent with a fast courier service and well packaged where ice-packs.

Are you (Sumear) vegan?

I am, have been vegan since August 2018. The business is 100% vegan too.

Do you sell wholesale?

I do. Please get in touch.

Blue/Green/White mold has appeared on my cheese! What do I do?

This is normal part of true cheesemaking. As all my cheese is developed along side mold-ripen cheeses, environmental microbes will affect and enhance my entire range. Many cheese I develop have not had mold added to them, however airborne microbes may attach itself to the rind of the cheese during the aging process.

These are safe to consume however can be removed by simply cutting off.

If other mold has appeared on the cheese or the cheese smells really really bad (when it is not meant too) then it is best to chuck it away.