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How to Look After Your Vegan Cheese

Thank you for supporting me by buying my Vegan Cheese. As a cheese-obsessed individual, I have worked hard to get a vegan cheese that didn’t taste fake and coconutty, that didn’t have the texture of plastic, and didn’t have a long list of artificial flavours and additives. And most important, that tastes like the dairy equivalents.

I really hope you enjoy my cheesy creations. Be sure to share your experience on Instagram and Facebook (be sure to tag me in!) and leave me a review (leaving a review will help me grow).

Looking After Your Cheese

This cheese has been made in a similar way that dairy cheese is and so is breathing, ever maturing product.

How long does it last?

As a fermented product, this does not have an expiry date as it is considered as ‘gone off’ already. However, if you don’t look after the cheese, the quality will reduce drastically and may grow unwanted bacteria. As soon as the cheese smells ‘funky’, bin it. If it has any unwanted growth on it, cut it away and enjoy the rest.

How to look after it?

Wrap cheese in waxed paper, baking paper or parchment paper. Place within an airtight container and place in the fridge. Avoid using plastic wrap directly on the cheese as it will start to sweat and create an environment for bacteria to grow. Avoid directly placing in a container with paper as the cheese will dry out and become hard.

When using, always cut with a clean knife. Handle with clean hands and avoid any cross contamination with any other products.

With patience, your cheese can develop better flavours when you look after it. It can last up to months after opening. However, you should only attempt this with larger pieces of cheeses. Small cut pieces will dry out faster.