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Local Delivery for Bristol & Keynsham via Sumear and his electric car

A trial of in-person delivery by yours truly is now available for Keynsham, and select parts of Bristol (see below for areas)!

Note: Local delivery not available for "Cheese Box Builder" and "Cheese Club" items

Local delivery is pre-planned on select dates which will be noted below.

Please note that as I will be using my own car and not a carrier. I need to ensure the drop of goes smooth as possible. To not hunt around for addresses, mounting curbs, and getting in trouble with traffic wardens, please ensure your address is accessible. Pickup is at the entrance point of the address/building.


via electric car | Minimum spend £15

Costs, Order Minimum, Locations

Available locations (let me know if yours should be available but isn't): BS1 through to BS16 (Bristol), AND BS31 (Keynsham)

Order Minimum for local delivery is £15.

BS31 (Keynsham): £0.50 (free for orders above £25)

BS1-BS16: £1.50 (free for orders above £25)

Next Available Delivery Dates

[closed] Thursday 14th April 2022

Thursday 12th May 2022

Note: If you there are multiple dates listed above, unless mentioned after an order is placed, delivery will automatically be on the next available dates.

Ready to order? Add items to your cart and then hit the Local Delivery Checkout link below. After entering your address, choose the Local Delivery Option.


via electric car | Minimum spend £15

Terms & Conditions for Local Delivery

  1. Curbside only. Cannot enter property entranceway on certain roadways. Sumear will call on provided number if any problems
  2. Delivery is fixed on pre advised date. Cannot be delayed unless agreed to move to the next pre-advised date chosen by Sumear for next round of deliveries.
  3. No EXACT time slot on delivery can be provided, but information on route may be provided to assist on a guesstimate time of arrival.
  4. Buyer must be available for delivery. Sumear is unable to wait for your availability if no answer is made at the entrance/door for delivery
  5. Goods cannot be left "safe" if no one is available to take them. Goods are perishable and price provided is only the transport and time fees. No chilled plastic packaging will be used.
  6. A full refund MAY NOT be provided if no one is made available for delivery due to goods being perishable and unsellable if returned. Sumear will call just to be safe, and an attempt will be made to delivery to a neighbour IF POSSIBLE
  7. Cancelation or delay requests can be made any time up until 5 WORKING BUSINESS DAYS of the pre-advised delivery date. Requests must made via email.