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Small Business Besties :)

Over the years I am come across some truly lovely and inspiring people who have their own small business. Most of them are food related which is quite natural of me as I am food obsessed :)

The obsession is so real that I probably annoy some of these brands by trying to befriend them all the time ;) Anyhoo, a quick list is below and more details on why I love them will be shared over time.

Food Related


The ONLY nut butters I buy (unless it is a simple basic one from the supermarket in a quick pinch). Full of flavour, goodness and more. Zero crap and the the creator, Mike, is my nut-idol. Pretty sure I annoy Mike with my nagging though :P

Choosing a favourite is pretty difficult. At the moment it is the Coffee Walnut one.

Bath Culture House

Yes they make Vegan Cheese. Competitors? Maybe. I don't see that as while the products are in the same category, they are vastly different and complement each other so well. I adore the vegan cheese and is the only brand I buy and consume that isn't my own. My favourite is probably the Chipotle one.

Bath Culture House also create one of my favourite Kimchi on the market.

The brain child behind the brand is Lucie. Hands down the most loving person I know I think. Fermenting queen. A workaholic. Passionate. Would totally hang out with her daily if I could hah!

Dark Matter Brownies

Brownies. Not your average brownies. Gemma makes my favourite ones. Dense fudgey, gooey. Super rich. Dark chocolate. Perfect to me.

Even more perfect is Gemma. Probably the coolest person I know in the food biz haha. Love you gems :)

Favourite brownie? The one with the Whisky in it! Sadly is was a seasonal item *cries internally*