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Social Causes

Going to keep this short and sweet (very unlike me)! Any charity or cause that Food by Sumear supports will be listed below.

This usual entails something that is hold dear to me, has effected me in some form, or I think is quite important.

Supported Charities

Beat Eating Disorders

Why: I still suffer from an ongoing eating disorder and other related mental conditions and wanted to help the cause knowing first hand the damage it can cause.

Black Minds Matter UK

Why: Mental health matters. Systemic racism IS a REAL problem. Racism can take its toll and people need help. I am not black. I am a POC and, have had racism towards me. But others can, and do have it so much worse when it is part of the system.


Why: Mental health problems has ripped my life into pieces, and is still a deep rooted problem in my life. I understand and empathise with so many. It's more than just "worrying a lot"...

LGBT Foundation

Why: Everyone matters... oh and I am gay, sooooo....

Previous Donations Made

 Date Charity Amount
24/09/20 LGBT Foundation £100
24/09/20 Mind £100
18/06/20 Black Minds Matter UK £25
Mind £20
18/06/20 LGBT Foundation £15
18/04/20 Beat Eating Disorders £150