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What Makes Food by Sumear Vegan Cheese Different From the Rest?

I, Sumear, am not that good at hyping up what is great about myself. But I am with cheese. I tasked myself to tell people what actually makes me and the Food by Sumear vegan cheese different.

It's quite difficult without making it sound confusing, missing out points, or making it sound like I have an ego haha. So I have asked my Instagram following for their take.

But before we get into that, I guess I should write something from the heart!

Words from the Creator


As a person, I aim to be as authentic, as honest & transparent as much as possible. To be kind and as environmentally aware as one can be. The goal has never to be rich but to pay the bills, save the future, have a simple relaxed life to combat the mental health issues that persist with me, and force as many people as possible to love me through the foods I have created.

Everything I try to be as a person, I try to emulate into the cheese. I am very vocal on social media. I am personal. Honest about when I screw up. I won't BS anyone unless I am trying to be funny. I am also delicate but always push myself to be out there to be the best that I can be. I love to throw "shade" because I am an overdramatic gay man/queen.


At the core of it, Food by Sumear is different from nearly all other vegan cheeses because I used to develop and sell dairy-cheese in a past life. The knowledge in this area has been utilised to create vegan cheese using the same principles, same take with the science and similar methods.


The cheese snobbery that is deep within me means my goal is to not use any flavouringNo artificial flavours. No spices. Certainly no nutritional yeast.

Flavour is obtained using cultures and microbes that I have created alongside dairy-cheesemaking practices and science, including ageing and ripening cheese for weeks and months. Nothing is ever faked.


Texture is by the hardest thing to achieve and is arguably more important than flavour. Fully understanding the limitations of plants, texture has been developed to create a pleasant mouthfeel for semi-firm and hard cheeses which has often been presented to us as gummy or rubber-like textures in the past. Or sometimes what is shown as a hard vegan cheese is more like play-dough or a very soft paste.

Texture is hard and is why I work so hard to play off the limitations to provide a firm cheese that still make not 100% be like dairy cheese, but still far closer to anything you find in the supermarkets.

Cheese Cave and More

I have my own cheese-cave to mature cheeses just like dairy-cheese. This aids with developing deep complex and subtle flavours which without, we often get flat mono-tone flavours. It's how Food by Sumear are the first and only ones who have long-aged vegan cheeses that also have a natural rind.

Imitation cheeses is something I don't strive for. Taking a step back to look at what makes cheese great and pleasurable experience, the aim is to recreate those experiences but not the cheese itself. There are 1000s of different dairy-cheese out there with varying flavours and textures, and so vegan cheese slots in their nicely to be its own real thing but still be called cheese.

I think that is it from me. Honestly I feel like all this sounds like I have an ego which I don't haha. I do not like writing about myself. So I think we should hear about what others have to say and what makes Food by Sumear different :)

Words from the Community

These are small quotes people have given to me when I asked the question about what makes me different.

You've created an unbelievable delicious cheese, with care for the environment and lots of love.

You provide an actual viable and tasty alternative that makes converting to dairy-free easy.

It tastes like real cheese!! No coconut taste. Real cheese texture. Complex taste.

Passion for the process.

It's more-ish

Already being ex-dairy cheesemaker was different enough to draw me in!

It's not yeast-flavoured, processed paste. It's cheese!!!

Your cheese is so much tastier and I love the honesty on social

Small business owner doing a happy dance when someone orders, personal customer service

You really care about the cheese and making sure it is the best it can be

For me it was that your are an experience cheese expert. The use of caves makes it very unique

You use traditional cheese making methods, haven't seen anyone else do that in the UK

Your cheese has way more subtle notes than other vegan cheese

Your cheese is literally the only cheese that comes close to dairy cheese