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Retailing Or Using Vegan Cheese In Your Menu

"Since starting, my products have become extremely popular around the UK. Many stores & cafes have had much success and have repeat purchases as they feed their loyal fanbase.

My range is loved by the community, amazes non-vegans and even shocked & admired by dairy professionals in the industry."

-- Sumear Safdar-Robins, the Cheesemaker




The focus of my venture is creating high quality, premium vegan cheeses that are just as good, if not, on par with dairy-cheese as a whole. This is achieved using quality ingredients, and the expertise & experience I have as an ex-dairy cheese maker.

Traditional dairy cheese making techniques are the foundation of my vegan cheese to develop strong, cheesy flavours without using artificial flavours, miso, nutritional yeast or a long list of spices to imitate cheese flavour.

With a background in dairy cheesemaking (among other things), this 100% vegan venture began back in August 2018 in Keynsham, Bristol. Starting out by selling in markets, my products shocked (positively) many vegans, as well as non-vegans, including those who still make dairy cheese to this day.

Business has exploded in recent months with customers demanding more and more stockists around the UK.

"I would highly recommend this cashew cheese, it is rare to find such a good quality, delicious dairy-free product that isn't loaded with poor quality ingredients.

Our customers have been very happy with this product and we have made repeat orders based on this demand."

Pauline Cox BSc MSc
Sow & Arrow

Getting Started

Email me your business deets and to request more information