Original Sharp Cheese
Original Sharp Cheese
Original Sharp Cheese
Original Sharp Cheese
Original Sharp Cheese

Original Sharp Cheese

Authentically developed by an ex-dairy cheesemaker for true dairy-like flavours that are paired with great textures. Uses dairy-methods for greater flavours without any tricks.

Tasting Profile
Strong sharpness & tangy profile with a subtle acidic finish
Firm and creamy
20-days minimum

Online purchase: Average 2-weeks minimum

Wholesale Partners: 3-4 weeks

Can be frozen Yes


Pairings & Uses

Uses: Can be sliced, grated, and can be melted on the hob with any kind of plant milk.

Wine Pairing: Grenache wine - big, bold rich flavours that go amazingly with the sharp, acidic cheesy notes.


A young cheese with a firm, yet creamy texture. Developed over a minimum of 20 days to have a strong, sharp and tangy flavour profile with a subtle acidic finish.

This cheese is my original creation that is created using the same techniques and principles as dairy-cheese for the authenticity of flavours.

A cross between a Cheddar and Wedysdalye cheese, this vegan alternative can be sliced, grated or melted into a cheese sauce on the hob.

Based on cashew nuts & uses my inhouse made heritage of cultures and dairy cheese making techniques.

Ingredients & Nutrition

Note – Supplied cheese is in a wedge shape. The photo on this page is of the entire cheese wheel. The base price is only for a segment of that wheel. Provided weight may be made up of several packaged wedges.

Cashew Nuts, Tapioca Starch, Home-Grown Lactobacillus Cultures, Coconut Oil, Salt, Kappa Carrageenan.


  • Gluten-free ingredients used however item is not gluten-free certified due to the environment. Not suitable for high-risk persons with a severe autoimmune condition.
  • Contains nuts

Weight (approx): mixture


Note: The values represented below are estimates based on whole ingredients. As cheese ages and develops, moisture is lost and compounds breakdown and altering the values. The only way to accurately get these values is to pay to get it professionally tested.

Nutrition per 100g - Calories: 385cal, Carbohydrates: 38g, Sugar: 2g, Fat: 24g, Saturated Fat 13g, Fibre: 1g,  Protein: 6g.

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