The Proper Blue Roqueforti Semi-Firm Vegan Cheese


This cheese is not for the faint of heart. A vegan cheese using a real strain of Blue Penicillium Roqueforti mold that is strong flavoured, sharp and slightly sour.

Paired with my secret blend of good bacteria cultures, it has been matured over two months to have a complimentary tanginess. No other vegan cheese comes close to this beauty of a beast!

Yea it’s expensive, but this vegan cheese has been expertly crafted to be so strong, using my dairy cheesemaking knowledge, that you won’t be able to eat it all in one sitting and have no choice but to saviour it 😉

Each bite is phenomenal! The cheese is hard, yet crumbly- it melts in your mouth! It’s strong, slightly salty, pungent, sour and spicy and YET creamy in the same time!

This is REAL cheese. Real and VEGAN.

The old-school meaning of ‘cheese’ is ‘to ferment’ or ‘to sour’. I do just that.

This is dairy-free vegan cheese done right and by an ex-dairy cheese maker. This a vegan cheese made using traditional dairy cheese methods and ideologies.

The Process To Create A True Cheese

Free-from soya, cashews are inoculated and fermented using organic homegrown cultures to develop a soft cheese with a robust, tangy profile.

The soft cheese is cultivated and fermented further with added clean ingredients.

The cheese develops from start to finish over ten days to create a firm-textured cheese with a strong flavoured, slightly sharp, yet, cheddar-like character.

Cheesy Results

Free from any nasties, a long list of additives and artificial flavours and a slimy texture. My vegan cheese is done right with the right aroma, composition and taste.

With a strong flavour profile, this cheese is not for the faint of heart. Perfect for a special occasion and a glass of wine.

The Blue Cheese is available on backorder only. New stock takes up to 2 months to develop however an ETA will be provided once an order has been placed. Please get in touch if you need to know dates prior to ordering.

Available on backorder

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Gluten-free ingredients used however item is not gluten-free certified, Nuts


Cashew Nuts, Tapioca Starch, Home-Grown Lactobacillus Cultures, Coconut Oil, Salt, Roqueforti


Wrap cheese in waxed paper, baking paper or parchment paper. Place within an airtight container and place in the fridge. Use within 3 weeks of delivery, however, can last longer if cared for. Watch out for bad smells and remove any unwanted mould that shouldn\'t be there.

How to eat

Can be eaten on its own, grated or soften in a pot with other ingredients.

If eating on its own; remove from the fridge and left on the counter for 30-120 minutes. This allows the fat to contract and the flavours to intensify.

If a semi-melting nature is required; place in a pot with a bit of milk and slowly heat on a slow temperature. Stir continuously.

Heating the cheese within an oven or frying pan will result in the cheese drying out like halloumi rather than melting.


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