Retailing Or Using Vegan Cheese In Your Menu

Authentic Premium Vegan Cheese by an Ex-Dairy Cheese Maker

Since starting, my products have become extremely popular around the UK. Many stores & cafes have managed to sell £400 worth of stock per month with a one having fantastic success by selling close to £2,000!

My range is loved by the Bristol community, amazed non-vegans and even shocked & admired by dairy cheesemakers.

The focus of my venture is creating high quality, premium vegan cheeses that are just as good, if not better than their dairy counter parts. This is achieved using quality ingredients, and the expertise & experience I have as an ex-dairy cheese maker.

Traditional dairy cheese making techniques are the foundation of my vegan cheese to develop strong, cheesy flavours without using artificial flavours, miso, nutritional yeast or a long list of spices to imitate cheese flavour.

With a background in dairy cheesemaking (among other things), this 100% vegan venture began back in August 2018 in Keynsham, Bristol. Starting out by selling in markets, my products shocked (positively) many vegans, as well as non-vegans, including those who still make dairy cheese to this day.

Business has exploded in recent months with customers demanding more and more stockists around the UK.

The Vegan Cheese Range

I specialise in semi-hard cheeses with strong flavours and the right texture you would expect from a cheese. They don’t have a plastic texture, don’t get stuck at the top of your mouth, and they don’t taste weird.

Using my experience, I develop my own blend of cultures (bacteria) which is used to cultivate the cheese base and allow it to ferment. This method creates strong cheesy flavours and follows the same principles used in dairy cheese making.

The current line of cheeses are based on Cashew Nuts sourced in Vietnam (contains other ingredients to produce the right texture). However, I have successfully made cheese using other ingredients such as seeds. My lines are always growing but if you are the impatient type then let me know your needs and I could meet your requests.

Semi Firm Dairy-Free Vegan Cheese

The Original Young Hard Cheese

The first creation. A young cheese with a firm, yet creamy texture. Developed over a minimum of 20 days to have a strong, sharp and tangy flavour profile.

Its amazing on its own, sliceable, grate-able, and can be cooked into a cheese sauce.

Wood Smoked Vegan Cheddar Cheese

The Maple Wood Smoked Young Hard Cheese

No shortcuts taken here. This cheese is traditionally cold smoked for a minimum of 10 hours using Maple Wood.

With good natural smoked flavour and subtle sweet notes, it complements the creamy, firm texture, sharpness and tangy notes of the cheese.

Vegan Feta Cheese Blocks

The Authentic Feta-Style Cheese

The most popular one in the range that shocks feta dairy cheese makers, is approved by OG Greek ladies, and adored by vegans.

This vegan feta cheese is exactly like its dairy counterpart.

It has a firm texture, yet crumbles easily. With a mild and tangy flavour, it has a moorish melt-in-your mouth feel.

Gorgeous on its own, cafes love this cheese as a topper on salads, pasta dishes, veggies boxes and more. It has even been baked with and used on pizzas!

Cracked Black Peppercorn Vegan Cheese

The Cracked Black Peppercorn Hard Cheese

A strong peppery flavour in every crumb to give a hot bite in each mouthful.

A young cheese, it has a firm, yet creamy texture. Developed over a minimum of 20 days to have a strong, sharp, and tangy flavour profile that complements the peppercorns.

Sunflower Seed Cheese

The Sunflower Seed Hard Cheese

Rather than using cashew nuts, this cheese uses Sunflower Seeds.

A young cheese with a firm and creamy texture. It is developed over a minimum of 20 days to have a strong sharp and tangy flavour profile with hints of sunflower for a bit of complexity.

This cheese is only available on request for the time being.

Blue Vegan Cheese

The Blue Cheese

Still under development, this beauty is the real deal.

Developed using proper Penicillium Roqueforti cultures for that distinctive look and strong flavours.

Aged Cheese

The Aged Hard Cheese

Still under development – made on request.

With the many similarities to dairy cheese making, my cheeses can be aged for months

By carefully maturing over a course of 4 months, the sharpness has mellowed out, replaced with complex flavour notes including floral, nuttiness and stilton-like vibes.

Recommendations From Other Stockists & Restaurants

I would highly recommend this cashew cheese, it is rare to find such a good quality, delicious dairy-free product that isn’t loaded with poor quality ingredients.

Our customers have been very happy with this product and we have made repeat orders based on this demand.

Pauline Cox BSc MSc
Sow & Arrow

Customer Feedback

Better For The Environment – 100% Vegan Business & Plastic-Free

It’s very important for this business to be plastic-free as much as possible. All the “ready for sale” retail packs of cheese are packed in plastic-free packaging.

Made from plant matter including cornstarch and sugar cane, the material is home-compostable in food bins.

As cheese requires special handling, the packaging is thermally sealed to avoid it drying out or being contaminated.

The packaging also allows for the cheese to breathe to avoid suffocation.

Cheese in larger catering/commercial packs still use plastic, unfortunately. This is to ensure the safe maturation and safety of the products during storage and transport. Cheese wheels/blocks are vacuum-packed in heavy duty plastic bags. Once a viable solution comes about, I will be there to make the switch!

Ingredients are sourced locally when possible or purchased from local suppliers. Everything is GMO-Free!

Buying Options

Cheese can be purchased either in “ready for sale” Retail Packs in plastic-free, home-compostable packaging or in larger cheese wheels or blocks, depending on the type of cheese known as Catering Wheels/Blocks.

The Catering Wheels can be used at cafes & restaurants in menus.

They are also perfect for delis who wish to resell the cheese direct to the customer by weight

Free samples for stores selling the Retail Packs can be provided. These are the perfect way to give free tasters to customers to help entice and show off the cheese. “Meet the maker” tasting sessions can also be arranged on request.

As a premium-based product, there’s a need to help convince buyers given the bad rep vegan cheese has. I am adamant that many will buy after a taste and will continue to do so.

Shelf Life

By using traditional dairy cheese making techniques, my vegan cheese has a shelf life just as long as their dairy counterparts.

With no expiry date, the Retail Packs have an average Best Before of 3 months while the Catering Wheels have an average Best Before of 6+ months. When opened, it has an average life 1 month or more if cared for correctly.

Delivery Options

Local shipments near Keynsham/Bristol can enjoy lower minimum order purchases with lower/free delivery fees. Orders for locations further afield in mainland UK are shipped via carrier on a Next Working Day service.

Proper care is taken to send out orders. Cheese is placed in special foil lined bags with several coolant packs. This is then placed in a durable box and sealed.

These methods ensure a chilled environment is kept for an average for 48 hours.

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